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Rasa – Restaurant

Our Multi-Cuisine Restaurant


Is A Thorough Gourmet's Delight!

Enjoy fine dining at Rasa – Restaurant. Known for good food, from simple to extravagant, we serve global cuisine during lunch and dinner. In sync with the current trends in the food and beverage industry, our chefs bring to the table a mouthwatering delight. Dining at Rasa is as breezy and exciting as everything else around here. Serving the best of tongue tingling delicacies that can satisfy every food lover’s appetite.

For your rich dining experience in Visakhapatnam, Rasa treats your taste buds with kosher, authentic culinary preparations from Chinese, Continental and Indian cuisines. Add to those savoury delights an ambience of composure and comfort. And voila, you will have an unforgettable dining time at Hotel Vivana.